Ashwin Aravindakshan Nair


Associate Professor
Director, Masters of Science in Business Analytics (2018-present)
Graduate School of Management, University of California Davis

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Ph.D., Robert H. Smith School of Business, University Of Maryland, College Park, MD. May 2007.

BTech, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (IIT-M), India. August 2001.



Published/Forthcoming Articles

Aravindakshan, A., Boehnke, J., Gholami, E., and Nayak, A. (2022) The impact of mask-wearing in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 during the early phases of the pandemic. PLOS Global Public Health , 2(9): e0000954. Link (Names alphabetical, all authors contributed equally)

Gholami, E., Motamedi, M. and Aravindakshan, A. (2022) PARSRec: Explainable Personalized Attention-fused Recurrent Sequential Recommendation Using Session Partial Actions.  Proceedings of the 28th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, KDD ’22 (August), 454–464. Link

Unnava, V. and Aravindakshan, A. (2021) How does consumer engagement evolve when brands post across multiple social media?  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 49, 864–881. Link

Aravindakshan, A., Boehnke, J., Gholami, E., and Nayak, A. (2020) Preparing for a future COVID-19 wave: insights and limitations from a data-driven evaluation of non-pharmaceutical interventions in Germany. Scientific Reports, 10, 20084. Link (Names alphabetical, all authors contributed equally)

Nguyen, H.M., Aravindakshan A., Ross, J.M., and Disbrow E.A. (2020) “Time Course of Cognitive Training in Parkinson Disease.” NeuroRehabilitation, 46 (3), 311-320.  Link

Rutz, O., Aravindakshan, A., and Rubel, O. (2019) “Measuring and forecasting mobile game app engagement.” International Journal of Research in Marketing. 36(2). 185-199. Link

Hilbert, M. and Aravindakshan, A. (2018) “What Characterizes the Polymodal Media of the Mobile Phone? The Multiple Media within the World’s Most Popular Medium” Multimodal Technol. Interact.. 2(3). 37. Link

Nandi, S., Thota, S., Nag, A., Divyasukhananda, S., Goswami, P., Aravindakshan, A., Rodriguez, R.L., and Mukherjee, B. (2016) “Computing for Rural Empowerment: Enabled by Last-Mile Telecommunications.” IEEE Communications Magazine. Link

Aravindakshan, A. and Naik, P. (2015) “Understanding the Memory Effects in Pulsing Advertising” Operations Research. 63 (1): 35-47. Download

Aravindakshan, A, Rubel, O. and Rutz, O. (2015) “Managing Blood Donations by Marketing” Marketing Science. 34(2): 269-280. Download

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Shane, S., Shankar V. and Aravindakshan A. (2006) “The Effects of New Franchisor Partnering Strategies on Franchise System Size”. Management Science, 52(5): 773-787. Download

Aravindakshan, A., Rust, R.T., Lemon, K. N. and Zeithaml V. A. (2004) “Customer Equity: Making Marketing Strategy Financially Accountable”. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 13(4):405-422. Download



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